one-way delivery

do these men all go to the same
school of internet dating
or did they watch the same video course
or is this just some creepy pattern
fallen into without a thought

periodically i get the desperate profile
the guy that sends you a message with just
and then worse of course is the guy
spouting out how wonderful you seem
and blah blah blah

so why doesn’t anyone get them up to date?
like if you want to get to know someone online
put a funny picture on their FB wall
or start posting things you believe-in
interact a little bit here and there
let them know who you are….

because “hi” tells you that the person is lazy
and wants a woman any woman any part to fit
the gaping hole they call loneliness
that is really a failure to find purpose
or occupation

Dance for me! Dance for me! an entertainment icon
that is what they are shopping-for
want some woman any woman to jump to the bait
and then down the road they get out the whip…
jump THIS way — smile THAT way …….

it all is so incredibly patterned and
such monstrous waste of time

tell me, if your goal is to find a woman to love you
why then do you punish the ones with heart

so i get to feel guilty every time i ignore a “hi”
gee thanks

answering it is worse
you feel like you have to explain to them
that high school was a very long time ago
or that gee, maybe if you read what i wrote
and left a comment, i might know you are interested
in my MIND, in my PERSON — rather than only

in fulfilling your own sad needs



5 Replies to “one-way delivery”

  1. I honestly don’t know what to do with the internet prowlers. and know that this comes off as insensitive and harsh. believe me, I feel for them. but I also know that they see the internet as a tool to get what they want….. and it’s creepy. have met plenty of the same type in real life, and is hard to explain the why of that. except to say that it is almost 100% guaranteed that the prowler sees women as a different kind of creature, rather than a fellow human being. when you work your entire life to make males understand that you have a mind, it is no end to frustrating when they stubbornly cling to the idea that women are some type of life-enhancer or object to fill a role. I don’t know if it is because prowlers are stupid…..but it sure isn’t terribly bright.

  2. Unfortunately, there are plenty of desperate women out there, E, who will do exactly what you mentioned. All these guys have to do is find one. I’m glad you’re no fool to fall for it though and can see right through them. Actions > words, any day, and especially greater than “word” (singular). :-/

    1. feel more than anything that the prowlers like that insult my intelligence. and it makes me angry to where would like to give them a mental kick in the teeth. these poor excuses for human clinging to the belief that they are innately superior when most are well below myself in IQ. and the one-word wunderkinds are definitely not gifted with much in brains!

  3. It is pretty creepy Eileen. On FB I fairly frequently get private messages from typically young, attractive women either inviting ‘friendship’ or that they want to get to know me, inviting further contact through an email outside of the site domain. You check their profile and some are wearing next to nothing doing moronic poses for selfies. I expect that ilk are fronting prostitution, usually with Russian names and their English is horribly remiss (perhaps intentionally so). Anyway, I get irate and sometimes message back to vent…I’m married…check a person’s profile before you go fishing (or phishing)…don’t ever contact me again etc etc. The one word thing, yes…I get the occasional ‘hi’ too.I expect most of them haven’t a clue what an IQ is. Maybe that’s the logical answer. Play along and load them up with a couple of brain games and we’ll never hear from them again.

    1. not a bad idea…. it is definitely like they see relationships as something to be fished and all for a prize. which then are those who only want to get, only want to receive. they are not interested in reaching out to other human beings…. only interested in laying traps and finding some sort of ego boost or money boost. what is truly frightening is the percentage of our populations that are not literate and can barely put two words together.

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