not owned

got the kitchen cleaned
went grocery shopping
watered patio flowers
read book
talked to neighbors
straightened up storage area

if there is such a thing as reincarnation, then humans must be reincarnated from bugs. have cars that let them go faster like bugs. not to mention that cars are the next best thing to having an exoskeleton. of all the creatures on the earth, is interesting that the ones we chose to emulate are the insects.

so i thought about that while i was dodging cars on my walk today. sort of wish we could fast forward to the future where people will walk in their communities and say hi to each other, instead of being sealed off in their own little worlds. and then they let the television talk to them at home and reality becomes a stranger.

why i think interaction on the internet is an important bridge back to where community forms singularities of interaction rather than multitudes being governed by one source.

it’s not an impossible hope…


some wildflowers i spotted when coming back from my walk. 🙂


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