winked hood

watched the news
wrote on a subject from the news
went to a women’s meeting
watered the plants
took a nap
fixed dinner
hot bath and read a book
watched some comedy shows on file
fixed the graphic drivers on my Windows 8.1 system

so what tv shows do i hate? oh i know, that tosh thing on comedy central. really stupid dumbed down jokes told between making fun of people and laughing at them. it’s like the worst qualities of america’s funniest home videos. and i really hate it, like if i had the choice between cleaning toilets for the afternoon or watching tosh, i’d choose cleaning the toilets.

so ok, grandma hated i love lucy that much. and i like the show….so what’s wrong with me? i mean i know the jokes are stupid, but that’s what makes it funny to me; it makes fun of schemers. those who plot and plan all the time to get what they want.

so i still puzzle over why grandma hated lucy and what that means.


2 Replies to “winked hood”

  1. There is much in television today that just turns my bile Eileen. I guess in recent years the more immersed in my writing, and reading the writes of others, that television has for the most part become a banal and pointless, rather, wasted use of my limited personal/downtime to simply enjoy.

    I was a great fan of ‘I Love Lucy’, Red Skeleton, Carol Burnett, and a host of other shows of that era, an era which has gone and departed sadly. I know a lot of it seems corny to look back on in this day but it was good clean fun without all the shock value, violence and every-which-way-with-whomever sexual splatter that seems to engage so many today. Is it a gradual conditioning? A manipulation? People seem to thirst for the depicted misery of another human being through the fantasy of reality on the little and big screens.

    It’s all about pushing the envelope day by day to expand upon the human responses and tolerances and to what end? And dumbing down, yes, perhaps the most irresponsible of all ‘entertainment’…how horribly and undeniably offensive…and perhaps even more offensive is the hideous gobs of money ‘actors’ are making in these horrid and hardly funny movies. Shame takes a back seat to raking in millions from the sad souls that eat up such drivel. And when I see an accomplished actor who, for lack of better offers I would imagine, lower themselves to participate in that drivel, it sickens me more so. How far we have slunk in this day.

    There could be any number of reasons for our grandparent’s generation disliking shows that we have we age we hold steadfast to ‘the way we were’, the way the movies and comedy shows used to be, the way music used to be. In this day it’s all about artificial concept, manifestation and delivery. I guess the reality is that non-reality sells in this day. Television and movies were always an escape but certain values were maintained…now discarded for the cheap laugh, the startling and more graphic the better.

    From one of your recent posts on ‘excuses’ the lines in the sand are becoming less and less defined with each passing day.

    1. have to agree, Don …. though i do find heart in a few handful of shows that keep at least a modicum of wit. though in comparison to like the “Lucy days” — too much of the humor centers around sex in one way or another. most people probably don’t notice or realize. was over at my cousin’s and they had some DVD’s of old shows, ones i had never seen before. in black and white, and dang if they didn’t have some really sharp jokes going on – very big difference to what have today.

      when comes to drama i don’t know, am not a big drama fan. i like to laugh, and like to watch comedies when have the time. but almost never sit down to watch TV and nothing else. usually i watch and read the paper at the same time. or do some sewing or play video games.

      biggest testament to the ‘dumbing down’ of America — is if you read a newspaper from just 50 years ago. the language is sophisticated and well thought-out. the diction is at college level and college level then, not college level now. general public is not only more stupid, but is expected to be more stupid. so they fulfill that expectation.

      well— can only wish it was a different world. at least is all uphill from here! lol

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