excuses of influence

it is no excuse
to say the internet made you do it
to say video games create apathy
to link actions with influence – how do we fare?
to give a little is to give a lot
so no
is no excuse
to abandon empathy in the name of exploration
i would not throw the book
i would throw the whole dang library
19 times they stabbed?
can you imagine the victim
faced with pain and unmitigated fear?
so where does this bring us … i can give you
one argument: there is more porn on the internet
than violence
statistically such influence would then decree
that these 12 year olds would be practicing sex
not carrying out fierce hells upon a fellow human
where are the lines?
it is all or nothing
it is free speech or rampant censorship

did the past scream that criminal acts were caused by a book?
we are all subject to what we take in …

but never
never subject to what is dished out
are either thinking creatures
or programmable bio-mechanisms

there is no sense to creating reasons of influence
for horrific actions
because they might have been influenced more by parents
in fact
you would think so …
it is enough
done …

in the name of ‘why’
our wonderful and grand society
is digging under rocks that need to stay put
you want free speech or not?

the only thing excuses of influence prove
is that those hunting for reasons
are dumber than the dirt they will eventually occupy


and i’ll say this, too – because it’s kind of obvious. we don’t see much in excuses being made for those of other nationalities or skin colors … it’s the white kids that are getting the “devil made me do it” excuses. i’m not even sure what that means.


4 Replies to “excuses of influence”

    1. there is a certain freedom to be influenced, whether it be from books or tv or now the internet…and a freedom to influence others.

      i just think it makes more sense to teach people discernment than to go about looking for what ideas to torpedo. most of us are working the percentages as how many 12 year old girls in the news stabbed people. 50 % ? and alarm bells go off. we see the waves of reaction go through the internet. so there is a problem with the context of how this information is being given to the public.

    2. oh ……. you thought i was saying that books were NOT blamed in the past ……… no, i went to reword that and reworded it poorly. should be “did NOT the past scream that criminal acts were caused by a book?”

  1. specifically when you have children committing the crime, is it ok to give them excuses? the biggest being that they are not mature enough to realize what they were doing. but my view on that is different than most every other living person today.

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