de pain de pain!

helped take down decorations at church and put up ones for pentecost
ran errand to the store, picked up some makeup and nail polish
bought an end table from the good will and carried it home
went to walmart for groceries
ate at Arby’s
made jello for tomorrow’s potluck

everything hurts tonight, and think maybe i got a bit of heat exhaustion….so taking lots of fluids and trying to rest. right ankle swollen, stupid thing.

i should sleep good, so that’s a plus. put on my ankle braces, the toes seem extra numb tonight, too. this getting old stuff is really a bummer…. today thought about how people become worse humans when they get behind the wheel of a car. how pedestrians are supposed to have the right of way, but the reality is that you have to jump OUT of the way. a person walking toward another person doesn’t do that to them, unless he’s a real jerk. and i want to see people get off their cellphones when they drive. why is that so hard?

these thorn-type weeds are kind of fascinating, grow along the walkway on my street


2 Replies to “de pain de pain!”

  1. I was given a bookmark, 10 years ago which says” Grow old along with me, the best is yet to me” … Some days, it is a bit difficult to be so optimistic, however since I don’t drive jumping out of the way is the learned habit of a lifetime. Hope de pain retreats quickly.
    Not sure what your flower is. Will look it up. Best wishes.

    1. thanks! so much….took some pain reliever and doing a bit better. think my cousin told me what those thorned plants are once, but I can’t remember. like a type of thistle but so many long sharp thorns that is almost like a cactus. anyway, they say we’re as old as we feel. 🙂

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