a little sad

went shopping to Walmart
made two more desktop icons
researched why Windows media player is not playing the .avi files with a good resolution
ate cheese doodles while reading a book
watered the plants

took a long nap today, just one of those days when it seemed like a good idea to crawl back into bed.  but turned out well, woke up with no headache and back only a little bothersome.  sometimes i pretend that every time i sleep and wake, i wake up in a different dimension — one that might be just a little different than the last.  and funny thing is, there always seem to be little things showing up differently that make that not as wild an idea as it sounds.  don’t worry, i know that’s on the funny farm side of nuts — but is at least one way to deal with having good days and bad days.


when walking to the store ….. loved the sort of rippled flow of the wildflowers.


6 Replies to “a little sad”

    1. always hope for the next day! I sure need to get some cleaning done around here, time to pretend I’m expecting company and run through it like a tornado…..

  1. Not so nutty! My impression of ‘nutty’ would be long and frequent two-way conversations with one’s self in front of the mirror! Have a good chat by one’s self while walking down a public street or driving along a busy city street may also be borderline. I think part of the wonder of this world is being open-minded enough to look at our surroundings with objectivity and imagination.

    You well know that as a writer, having a vivid imagination (for the creative side of writing) means reaching out where most people don’t or won’t dare go. I live in a regions where the remarkable geography of the land takes on a different perspective with each quarter mile and turn in the road so travelled. Amazing, Invigorating!

    When I walk along the lake I do much as you have described here Eileen…different dimensions, differing perspectives and orientations, differing colour perceptions…for me all part of an imaginative and creative process that seems to fuel and rejuvenate itself as it gains momentum and morphs to something of an even greater significance. That happens with my writing process. Yesterday I took a break part way through writing a piece (which I seldom do) and midway through eating two perfect lines to the piece came to me like a lightning bolt revelation and I ran to my notepad to jot it down verbatim! Andrea looks on with idle curiosity yet an unspoken acknowledgement appreciating the process. When it comes to writing I never take those inspired moments for granted! With my memory they can be fleeting…gotta start carrying pen & pad in a pocket at all times!

    1. you know, i hadn’t thought of it as being part of the imaginative process such as with writing, but that’s true. many of our science fiction stories and movies had to be “crazy ideas” first. mostly i look at it as being helpful or not helpful … and if one were to be paranoid or having troubles with fear, then believing in a shift of dimensions may not exactly be helpful! 🙂 reminds me of “The Matrix” movie and when that first came out and i saw it at the movie theater, i laughed and said they should organize a field trip for the Schizophrenics at North Valley to see it! are lucky more problems didn’t stem from that, can you imagine if a large percentage of people just believed they were in a giant computer program with no re-world consequences?

      most days, Don — i try to find the lighter side of things. and that is mostly because if i looked at the darker side, would likely crawl under a rock and die. 🙂

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