moderated pace

  • made 6 new folder icons for my desktop
  • cleaned out and sorted pictures file
  • watered patio plants good…a hot sun today and even the petunias looked a little down
  • organized the netbook desktop on the new OS i installed
  • tried out using my bed footboard as a balance beam to do some demi-plies, realized the right knee had a sharp pain when fully straightened
  • worked on fixing the right knee, finally remembered to manipulate the knee cap–all better tonight
  • read bit of a book, read today’s science daily
  • heated up stuffed bell peppers for dinner
  • checked my wordament stats–have played 4,485 games and found 205,141 words….

don’t feel like i’ve accomplished much today, i should have cleaned the kitchen and done some laundry, but it didn’t happen.  been thinking about how i should do more with my life, but then it comes back around to feeling physically better if i want to be consistent at anything.  woke up today with a headache, wasn’t the skull crushing sort but enough to replace a smile with a determined set to my mouth all day.  and sort of makes everything an uphill battle.  feel strained and stretched.  but have been thinking about how the time you spend has to count, like maybe i should sell everything and go on a  tour of africa or find a bistro to hang out at in spain…..that i should do more.  usually i depend on my imagination, but maybe it’s not good enough….

wpid-img_20140528_165531.jpgbrought the plants in for a bit the other day when a windstorm threatened to pull all the flowers off.


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