Get a Job! Society and the need (right) of happiness

the problem to motivate an adult to work
rather than accepting charity

first have to look at reasons
why working becomes worst of the two options

so number one
would be physical problems making work a greater problem
addressing that would be the task of universal healthcare
in that if one is in poverty
then healthcare is limited or non-existent
and then that loops back to remaining
in poverty and on charity

the programs for Medicaid and even Medicare
provide not only limited resources, but also
tend to provide sub-standard care

if a citizen goes into a hospital with private insurance
they get the royal treatment
when it is government insurance
only basic needs are considered

part of this is the Medicare limits on what
amounts they deem fair to pay
rather than paying full amounts for medical care
as billed by the provider

so …….. at the least U.S. is starting to move
in the right direction in regard to better healthcare
for ALL citizens

so that is number one.

number two — motivation for work is often simply a
matter of physics: what begins in motion stays in motion
it is that first push
the transition from sedentary to moving
and in this sense it might be possible
to attach provisions to any charity
regarding a return of some work for assistance

now this dances a little too close to a socialist-based society
and why we currently do not have such provisions
however, if structured in a similar function as
community service fines, where a fine is paid off via charity WORK
rather than money

it MIGHT fly without too many problems or issues. the only thing
is would tie-back into healthcare …. and if a person is not
well enough in their own opinion to perform any form of work,
then those avenues of healthcare are OBLIGATED to make that individual
of a better mind or body to help maintain their own

now ….. many things done through this could be types of internship
or apprenticeship, on the job training and/or schooling that
could later transition into permanent employment

college, even — could be funded and we already have these programs
to help pay tuition for those currently receiving assistance.
it is just on the other side of the coin there is the need
for employment AFTER college and the need for assurance of employment
to ALL college graduates — which we currently do not have

are looking at some tough decisions, and does appear to play
into a more regimented government-controlled state

YET ….. what do we have now? inmates making license plates?
so you have to get arrested to be guaranteed a job?
we have government-run industry already — schools, community centers,
districts and political bodies governing cities and counties
so is not like these things are being contracted, many already
receive government paychecks

it is doable – IF enough care is taken for the legalities
of requiring work or training for those receiving
assistance …………..

my understanding is that most welfare programs require
applicants to be “looking for work.” are then facing also
the many who stay on unemployment

but if based more like community service, or in a similar structure as
if one were to do volunteer work — then an individual does not have
to “earn the right to work” — they would simply need to apply to receive the job

little story and aberration:
when i was a young adult i applied to be a secretary for the city of Oxnard
and i went through all their testing
became number 3 on the list — in that only two people tested higher than me
and were at least a dozen city jobs in different departments
so i was happy
i was sure that meant i would have a job

and went to interview after interview
while never offered a position
they were hiring number 12 and number 20 on the list
…… because those individuals could speak Spanish

so while they legally could not require bi-lingual for
the city job positions, they only hired those who were

or maybe i didn’t do my hair the right way or have
the right color of nail polish on that day — who knows

point is, it was degrading
and demoralizing
and so is every single hunt and hope for a job
you have to scrape and bow
and do everything you can SOCIALLY …… because
in our current way of doing things,
SKILL has little to no impact on whether you get hired
or not

so ok ……. that’s number two, an enforced motivation of
community service necessary to receive assistance
and if someone is not mentally or physically able
then you darn well get them the medical attention to MAKE
them able or some form of close to that

we’ve all seen greeters at Walmart
for any business to hire workers, make them classify
the position in accordance to necessary ability
…… something official, not just a newspaper ad stating
must lift 50 pounds or must have diploma

must have own car
must have ……… blah blah blah …..
all with the one statement in between the lines:

must be able to kiss a$$ of boss
must be able to take orders and then take the blame, too
must be able to work when we tell you, for how long we tell you
and for how much we tell you you deserve

this is all a matter of subservience

yet those people motivated to start their own businesses
because they didn’t graduate with honors from kiss-a$$ university
must have money to start a business
and barring that must have a money-making idea
which you get these blanket ones and thousands
all starting the same business and
next thing you know there is a coffee shop on every corner

it would be funny if it wasn’t so dang not funny
and if jobs were better defined
and if work was more a guarantee than a privilege
then you would have less workers NEEDING to branch into
their own business which how many of them fail
and then end up with a negative impact on
society GDP with bankruptcy and all else

ok, where was i? onto number 3 …….

to be happier working than not working
does it mean a job most suited to abilities?
a job that pays well for how much it takes out of you
or has a good pay-ratio to how much responsibility is involved

will affect mentality and attitude

becomes too easy to tell a person what they are doing wrong
rather than reward them for what they do right

only thing i can say on this
is that when i worked as a computer-lab teacher
i felt like i was stealing my paycheck,
i would have done it for nothing or next to nothing
yet it was one of the highest-paying jobs i ever had
i liked going to work
i liked being at work
i didn’t watch the clock
i didn’t feel bogged down by drudgery

so how many people, how many folks do we have
who truly like their jobs?
10%………15%? those are the statistics we need
not how many people have jobs ….. how many people
are happy to go to work?

that’s a complex thing, of course.
you might like your job because it takes skill and is therefore rewarding
but it might also be exhausting
or require too much BN
or the hours or distance make it difficult

so we have the idiom of “the American dream”
and are getting down to the nitty gritty of the problem
the psychological set-up that has far too many unhappy

………. and this is the kicker…….whether they have
a job or not
whether they are productive or not

so there is a large aspect to EXPECTATIONS
and that ties in with rights
and rights of living
holding a spot in society because the spot is there
not because you proved a worthy-enough square peg
to fit into the square hole

is this the best of all possible worlds?

maybe ….. the attempts are there
it’s just the follow-through

we test children to infinity and back in school
with some sort of idea that scholastic exceptional ability
translates to exceptional choices

but mostly has turned into choices in line
with expectations
choices that may or may not create a happy life
for that individual

so at some root or some policy – work itself is going
to need to be redefined
because it is productive/ and not-productive
it isn’t productive/ and useless

it isn’t a charity case verses being a millionaire

you really cannot expect someone who does nothing
or rather does little in the way of productivity
to answer “yes” to the question “are you fulfilled?”

is your life fulfilling?

because i tell you, the message i got all the time
growing up was that if i made a bunch of money
and had a bunch of nice things then that would mean

but even those we have doing that — what is the game?
you have a nice car, you want a NICER car
you have a nice home, you want a NICER home
and we get this really strange — in the scope of things —
this really strange society where everyone is playing
musical chair with their homes
and so many cars– old ones lying around like shed skins

with that (and all) trade becoming a sales business mixed in
permanently with financing

and it is all this giant muddle
with almost every person i pass on
the street wearing a frown

……….. though granted the frowns
get a little less in the summer time in salt lake city

so those three things:

1. optimize healthcare
2. employment opportunity and requirements
3. an attitude adjustment — a collective change in priorities

as it stands this is a very good world for the merchant. the butcher, the baker, the candlestick-maker …… in a society that tells you fulfillment is not natural and that wanting more and more IS — the advertising to promote sales is massive. the ploys are massive. the fallout …….

…. is massive

so if you have a grandson collecting welfare
and he won’t even take a simple job mowing your lawn
what do you do?

you ask him what he would like to help you with
see what he comes up with

if the answer is nothing
…. can always ask him if he wouldn’t mind helping you drink a few beers
and watch a ballgame on a Sunday afternoon

*tears* it’s the best I’ve got ….. all the rest of it is going to take time


Feedback always welcome

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