one word for U.S. states that want to gain ownership of federal land:


as in no you don’t get to
fulfill your kick-back promises
to open up federal lands as
drilling sites and places of
profit — do not be confused

the only thing that motivates the Utah legislature is

if you give them national parks they will find ways
or already HAVE — and what is financing the movement —
to use national treasures as power plays
to make it their business because the theocratic monster
grows and grows only to swallow MORE

listen to me on this, if nothing else I’ve ever said:

do NOT surrender federal lands to Utah

as in never
as in not in their wildest dreams
as in ‘on a cold day in hell’
follow that up with ‘and the horse you road in on’
‘no means no’
‘when pigs fly’
‘not on our watch’
round it off with the song ‘what a fool believes’

the fact that Utah is making a grab for federal lands is an interesting move, to be sure. and that proponents are trying to rally other states to do the same, is like spreading greed like wildfire. give them a big, fat, f*cking NO.

keep federal lands in the hands of ALL the people of the United States

and do you really want to give a state like Utah MORE autonomy? not a good idea ……. not even on its better days. a legislature that will postpone sessions because they did not have their closed-door meetings with the Mormon church FIRST. oh it’s FUN here ……… yes.

hold those reigns TIGHT
you don’t give this horse its head
or the nag will drag every single dang one of us over a cliff


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