KDE plasma nothing to write home about

i gave it a good try, and for most part found the KDE desktop very frustrating. number one, is almost slower than Unity — which not sure how they managed that. the time it takes simply to launch a file browser window is ridiculous. i liked the launcher and widgets, but since they are on the desktop window only — how to open a new program without going to the desktop? SO — you would THINK they would have a “show desktop” button or icon on the taskbar. but no such thing.

only way is through THREE clicks — one to show all open programs, one to the desktop, and then finally one to launch a new process. so ok, i could put up with that. played with the settings, trying to make the interface a little more user-friendly. or at least for this user. but still i would find my levels of frustration mounting.

one bad ‘bug’ was the native file system in KDE failed to correctly recognize an android system through the USB hookup. or never let the android processes complete, so after tapping the tablet to connect it stayed in flux-mode (watch the pretty circle going round and round). thank goodness seemed to have done no permanent damage to the android file system. transferred files ok, but another frustration was that to monitor the transfer one must FIND it first, an icon that appears on the taskbar — which click and THEN get to see the file transfer information.

so i just found all these sort of unnecessary and time-consuming little things that make you sit back and wonder if you really ARE a dog that can’t learn new tricks? however ………….. couldn’t see how adopting these ones would make any part of any productivity run faster. it mostly seemed contrived by someone who LIKES to create differences for the sake of differences ONLY — with little to no consideration for time factors.

to find out how to simply change desktop wallpaper was like looking for needle in a haystack. determining how to put icon-shortcuts onto the process launcher required an internet search and reading through several forums. turns out it WAS drag and drop, but didn’t work unless you tapped VERY fast and sort of violently put them onto the launcher. so another hunt and search to adjust the default interval times for a double-tap.

now i DO like how firefox and chrome appear in KDE … just feels like a cleaner ‘look’ …… but that’s about it. know there are many devoted KDE users out there– and kudos to them for finding and figuring out all the ways to make it work for them. i just found the whole experience very frustrating …….

returning to good ol’ faithful Gnome desktop, seemed even faster than before. the difference is huge, as in huge. want to do the math? 2 seconds to open a file browser verses 15 seconds ….. that is 13 seconds an instance difference. say you open 20 files a day. that’s 260 seconds a day wasted. in one month that is 130 minutes or over 2 hours you could have spent doing better things.

so while i have an appreciation for some of the artistic aspects of KDE -too boggy for my taste. when comes down to it, a computer is a tool. painting the handle of your hammer a pretty shade of plasma does not make it swing any better.



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