drawing them off

it had become one of those things you live with
like a splinter that won’t pull out of the skin

and you feel different
without the constant prick
because status quo was something you remembered
and life is new but it’s old again

every time i turn a corner
i wonder if i can start living the better part
of human pride, unwanted
the piece of me that never gave up
that was a spoken reality of the distance

knew every uphill climb before transverse hits it
every bit of perplexity
doesn’t hurt when you see the future
but an artist will always look for the change

am done
can relax
see, that’s how i do things
i’m not sure if that makes me unique …

or a relative pain

sideways glances
the part of nothing to be feared
to read every pattern

there is the part presented to others
and there is the part that SEES
Sounds Every Extravagant Symbol

only safe place to be is to express that you are tired.



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