glorious food

if weight were a matter of calories in/fat on
would be a simple matter and gain or loss
would be a sure thing
but there seems to be only a tenuous correlation
at best
who hasn’t seen the skinniest people eat the most?
who hasn’t seen diet plans like JC and NS
require that water intake is central
how many people lose weight only to have
it come back?
how many give up because the correlations are NOT
clear between calories and gain?
and after all this time and all these merchants
making unending profits on the pursuit of
what have ‘we’ learned?

i learned that the best lose-weight diet was
when i ate only peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
more than the PB&J — i believe it is the ‘only’ part
that counts. what do we do for our pets
to keep them healthy? same food every day —
when it varies they get fat or have the runs

but nobody looks at that
except in the crash diets that limit
to one thing
yet the key to health for humans
is supposed to be a varied diet ….

so i wonder if that is more to ensure
everybody BUYS a large amount of various things
it is just a thought
and crazy at that — thing is
nobody seems to care that the explanations
now– are just as crazy

that what tastes best is what is most fattening
that fat is supposed to be stored energy
so why aren’t fat people the most energetic?
it’s just a question
have more to haul around but the extra
should make them at least equal
not less energetic

and water of course is a big key
so when that got out about 20 years
they started to sell water in bottles

catch that profiteering ride

not that any of this matters
because life is about finding peace

limiting stress
being sure you can stop to smell the flowers
yet they tell us that TOO

so ………… i think life is about
finding a part
a role
a step in the bigger dance
looking for something you can accomplish
and understanding that death is the destination

but it doesn’t need to be the worry

what about fat?
fat is only obvious

like skin color and height
we are feeble creatures
with feeble minds — determined on
cataloging differences



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