mundane principal

so i try to wake up
tossing and turning in bed
trying to stretch and adjust my back
but no amount of anything seems to stop the pain
it’s like a knife
but i think a knife would be less permanent
so i give up
which is weird thing to start day right off the bat with failure
got up and walked stooped over and limping to bathroom
because my head in the night fills
with side effects of allergies
so run the hot water
and snot out what i’m sure is brain matter
in there somewhere
limp my way into the kitchen and poor out yesterday’s old coffee
there really wasn’t enough left to fill even one cup
i filled the coffeemaker with water
toss the old filter and put a new one
filled it with coffee
pushed the on button and the little orange light comes on
thought about how i should tell my sister about this new coffee i got
it’s like a freshly ground french roast
in the foil bag instead of a can and because some
coffee executive sold his soul to Walmart, the coffee was very inexpensive … what we used to call a good bargain
i hobbled to the living room and turned on the computer

checked facebook
thought about how have to finish organizing files
brought up windows media player and started a playlist of videos
it’s like having your own tv station
but no commercials
i shuffle the list and click on a big bang
you can’t start the day wrong with big bang

i think about what i will get done today
work on two different websites
have to decide what i will be installing on them
whole thing is a crapshoot but i forget my back long enough to walk over to the kitchen without stooping over

pour myself a cup of coffee
add a huge amount of powdered creamer
and take a first sip

note that it’s another day
it’s monday



4 Replies to “mundane principal”

  1. Well it sounds as though you’re at least on your way into a new Monday, though I just do get Big Bang–it seems awfully too silly for me, but then I don’t particularly care for the sit-com genre. I have a really intelligent friend like you who also can’t get enough of that show–on the other hand she doesn’t get Person of Interest, or Elementary. >KB

    1. the show is well done, proof in the pudding. i was watching and telling others from the very first season.

      those who join in later will not get it. i don’t care for detective shows and who-done-it’s.

      most are dry and uninteresting. predictable and they bore me like crossword puzzles

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