computer this and that

The strange thing isn’t that adding the Linux flash drive worked, but that i thought of doing that to fix the problem. Or maybe it’s both.

See my main workhorse decided to not boot right after i expanded the system with another external hard drive. And the lengths it went to, to motivate me to remove that drive every time i boot the system …. well it reminded me of …me. And went well into the realm of crazy, where the bios was even listing the new hard drive as a floppy disk.

So i get frustrated and think FINE, you are trying to tell me you can’t find any operating system on the MAIN hard drive where it has ALWAYS been? Well I’ll give you ANOTHER operating system to boot into … let’s see which one you choose. Sure enough, with the option of booting into Linux, the desktop computer choses to boot into the Windows system like it should have done from the start.

I even tested it, and will only boot correctly into Windows if Linux is there as the other choice. And if you’re sitting there telling me to wake up and fix the boot order in Bios — i DID. With the boot order having the main harddrive at the top of both the main and sub-menu list. After i moved it in front of the new hard drive in order … Bios put the new hard drive under floppy. And still messed things up, even though i kept ‘floppy’ as the 5th boot device.

So adding the Linux stick worked and it makes me really really feel like i must be existing in a hologram or non-reality dream.

Computers are not supposed to work this way. It either is programmed to run a check for bootable devices, or it is not. It is not supposed to be able to make a DECISION based on what drives are available.

On the other side of news … the latest Windows update changed a lot of feature things. First thing i noticed was that it set “show tabs all the time” as the default setting for the Internet Explorer immersive. To get it back to where you have the full screen, have to go into settings by hovering to the right and clicking the cog wheel.

Guess what i find intriguing is these are most likely the dumbed-down changes they are making to the system in order to prep things for the new release of Windows 9. On the Windows themselves …. when you go to move them now, instead of changing your cursor into the little grabby-hand, there is a drop-down bar stating the name of the window and giving the exit options to the right.

Even though there are options to exit any window from the main list if you hover to the left, and then right click on the window you want to change. But having a drop-down is more obvious for those who are not likely to figure out how to exit a process the other way. And the immersive apps are now showing on the desktop taskbar like regular apps.

Since so many changes, i moved my desktop to an external hard drive — to make sure don’t lose all my work. You can do that by right clicking on the desktop folder, selecting “locations” … and then change the location of your Windows folder. Will have that option for any of the main folders showing under “My PC” — just remember that wherever you move them, that drive must be plugged in for you to have access to the contents of the folder.

Feels like Monday to me — couldn’t say why. Probably because haven’t gotten anything done this week, just lying around wishing my back would quit hurting. I’m about ready to refuse to feel it, and just use the bones mindlessly until it all collapses completely.

How worse could it be? At some point you have to make a decision. Even a computer figured that out.

PS: OMG! another change with the update is that on the Windows tile start screen, if you move the cursor to bottom of screen the taskbar from your desktop will pop up! holy freeholies ………… now hat’s off to Windows, that is ONE HECK of a solution for the confusion of first-time users when they can’t find their desktop. i wouldn’t have thought of it.


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