plan x

if you asked me point blank
i would say no i don’t think there IS a god
i think humans are frightened frightening creatures

but if you found me when i found myself dying
i would say there better be something
because i have a bone or two to pick
with the operator of this snowcone stand

skill makes a world fit
man’s view

i think how we name and deem
to mind’s capacity

do you know how much scorn i have for those who memorize data?
a working thinker is proof enough that god exists

one thing follows another

i could look at the shape of a flower and tell you it’s like the sun

but the sun might disagree

mostly i have no explanation
for how, in a city of 2 hundred thousand people–
i can go into the 7-11 and run across an ex-boyfriend

to this day it boggles my mind

you cannot take 3 apples away from somebody holding two apples

go ahead and ask me if there is a god

….i’ll say god is a concept
but then again so are we

you can only know the moment you are in
and even that is only true for those who feel the next breath

explanations are a comfort is all
they simply grow and we make more and more
god was never an explanation or a comfort
but i understand the need

and i also know many hide behind that
because they are bad people hoping to be seen as good

you only have to be greedy to be bad
and don’t look at me that way!
i just got tired and needed to put that here

what do you fight inside yourself?
THAT is where you will not be going


4 Replies to “plan x”

  1. i personally have never had a breath of doubt in how God shaves his ice, even in my rouge’st hour……..since evolution is still a theory, i will put my eggs in the basket of the concept God’s unlimited potential……..the world is sorely limited to that………d.

  2. And God stepped out on space,
    And he looked around and said:
    I’m lonely-
    I’ll make me a world. Words come from a poem called The Creation by James Weldon Johnson- a description of God having fun, the universe isn’t enough to keep Him company, so if finally he gets down to shaping clay – could be he is still shaping clay and the final image isn’t quite there yet!

    1. Never know! Work in progress…in our observation we are so limited to what we understand. Even metaphors are limited by their comparisons. I think God had to have a sense of humor…..or at least whimsy 🙂

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