everybody wins

Strange when I note the board on this one scrabble game I play on Xbox. Some people keep it open and a nice play, while others are so extremely focused on gaining points that they don’t realize or care that they are creating their own limitations for future plays. All that matters to them is that they win.

and I think that is an example of how people can fail to work together if either one is concerned only with an immediate goal. Man is at his best when he prepares for the future, and that is done best when everyone works together. It becomes very frustrating when you have a player who thinks of themself as great because they are winning, yet you wish you could tell them they are not great players. On one board it got so bad that I gave up on trying to create longer words and better chances for play. And I know I am looking at individuals who believe in a recipe for success.

yet it is in the doing– life is the journey, not the destination. And success is when we all work together at least a little bit, even when the game says you win or lose.


I used to play scrabble every day with my grandmother, and I couldn’t tell you if she taught me or I taught her. Even though we added up the points, neither one of us were that concerned about winning. When the game was through we would spend a moment looking at our creation. And grandma would gesture at the board and say, “we got a good spread this time, didn’t we?” And I would say yes, that was a really good game.

Working together we created a greater and more rewarding challenge. And that was to create the greater playing field for opportunity. And I think life is like that.


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