oh to save and save again; Toshiba HDD

well the new drive is at 93% finished on formatting. has been going all night. since i got it have been reading up on problems people had with the Toshiba Canvio Plus, which would worry me if most of them didn’t sound like they were one fry short of a happy meal.

am hoping with the added space that i can organize my files a little better, which you would think i could do with the 1.75 TB that already have …lol. but it’s like cabinets in a kitchen, they just seem to fill themselves up somehow. with computer files i’m guilty of having several copies of the same file stashed different places. which makes sense if you worry about a hard drive failing — but not a lot of sense when i have most of those files written to data DVD’s anyway.

is funny how you see the crazy come out in yourself when comes to computers and file storage. like all that inherited tendency to be a hoarder just manifests in other ways. the bonus being that crazy on a computer takes up space about the size of a deck of cards rather than an entire living room! haha …

like to say there is a method to my madness, and in some ways NOT being organized with file storage means that you are better safe-guarded from losing any of it. i finally decided that all my photos must be organized according to month and year. am not even sure why i didn’t do that before. makes it easier to find a particular picture, too — because you can kind of remember the ‘when’ of when it was taken.

so i’ll probably be a week or more getting things organized on the computer. and while some have had trouble with this model of the new HDD – i haven’t noted trouble with the connection at all. seems to get plenty of power, file transfer is fine. but of course i DO NOT install the software that comes with an external hard drive. for one thing, windows has its own back up software, that you can make an entire system image for complete backup. or at least it does on windows 7, haven’t used the feature on windows 8 to know if it’s there.

but i have used system image restore on the windows 7 and it works beautifully. the system images take up a lot of space, but it’s worth it to keep at least one on file.

the next test will be to reboot my computer with the drive in place, see that that goes ok. there is a discrepancy in the read for how much disc space it has. the disk manager shows the actual space available to be 1.39 TB ….. but in the computer section of windows explorer, the drive shows as having 1.36 TB available. so i have a missing 30-40 gigs of drive space somewhere. and why i’m trying a slow reformatting to see if that clears up the confusion.

it’s possible that what i am seeing is some kind of work-around developed by the Toshiba engineers for problems that were experienced with the drive. in otherwords i might be better off leaving things as they are and not trying to “fix” it. funny thing about getting older is you tend to decide to leave things as they are more and more … i’m kind of ok with that.

had a bad experience with a western digital external hd — cost a hundred dollars and lasted less than a year. out of the box would not even connect well to any computer. so i understand the trouble that can crop up when trying to keep external HDD storage space. have a different western digital external drive that has its own power source — and that’s pretty much the workhorse for the system. will most likely go a decade or more with no problems.

but the portable drives are a little more tricky, and seem to age a little less gracefully. i am hoping this new one can go the distance. like anything electronic, if you take good care of it, that’s half the battle. and these files have always been such a mess, i probably won’t know what to do with myself if and when i do get everything organized. maybe go on a vacation and leave all the computers behind? 🙂


The re-formatting went fine, but still have the difference showing in disk volume. will just live with that. am impressed by the consistency of the write speed on the drive. keeps at 22-23 mb/s and that is with the USB 2.0. I don’t have any USB 3.0 ports. so it’s a decent write speed and doesn’t over-tax the processor while writing to disc, either. can see by the picture how consistent the write is to the drive, not all up and down. is actually the first time I’ve seen that consistent a write-speed on any disk or file transfer.


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