to sit quietly looking on
a guardian
yet the wiser dog
and my life is better
one small walk at a time

within the approval of quiet eyes
you think at least something
is ok with your existence
that time has a meaning

and sometimes the better soul
is not necessarily human
there is a certain humility
in remembering that the world is large
each facet
what fades into the next

the step is always quiet
but voice carries a long, long ways
to hear what is just beyond reach
to not worry about power
or preservation

mostly it was all here
and always known

beauty is formed with strength
the kind left over

after you found yourself
staring at your feet



11 Replies to “upwards”

  1. ee, you’ve gotten 7 likes on my site so far. I don’t know why people jst don’t go to your site. Anyway I hope you didn’t mind. I thought it needed to be seen by perhaps some different people. Best>KB

    1. thanks, K …. wondered why so many today! i should work a little harder to get out there more, and interact more. has been a difficult winter for me, mostly health-wise. Flu, cold, ….. all these dang bugs going around!

      1. Well if you’re going to write good poetry you might expect a little noteriety. I was happy to do it. Meant to a few times but this one seemed just right as a presentation. Best>KB

    1. thanks much, ramblings — a neighbor’s dog but such a sweet one! so glad you stopped by and we’ll see what i can do with myself …..writing is a very dangerous place to have ambition 🙂

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