a silent mirror

i never concentrated on being ‘nice’
mainly the amounts of predictable niceness
have this attached price of insincerity
it’s like i’d rather be seen as real
than seen as good
but the thing i think that stands out
is if you work with a fair mind;
balancing issues
weighing priorities
and most importantly, views of
fellow man…..
compassion, the ability to put yourself
in another person’s shoes.
i’m not sure why a consistency of
polite interaction would take something
from that — but it does in the sense
that honesty is like a vein of mineral
like a pristine lake — you don’t want it
tainted with falsehood or even that
type of falsehood that is part of an
ingratiating spirit.

when i interact with those who do subscribe
to extreme niceties, it feels like i never
get to really know them. like there’s a wall,
and when you think of it, has to be pretty
lonely for them, on the other side of that

so i’m a little obnoxious, a little rough
around the edges. but for the most part
i’m an honest sort of obnoxious …

then i think how it takes all types in this world
part of accepting equality
is the equality to choose


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