yet tamed

so the quail comes out, it is morning
and yet
my head feels like soup
and my soul feels like death

where the sun tips the mountains
and time tips the seas
there’s no greater excuse
to set everything free

and begin at beginnings
where even shame starts anew
for each hope dreaming has
barters hard in the truth

somewhere far on the exits
beyond where i’ve looked
are the answers to nothing
amid paths i forsook

so you turn inward gravely
note the day life was grand
with all its grand worries
and all its grand stands

and you smile for the peace
but a smile holds its pain
where what’s given is shared
and what’s absent is feigned

in the midst of all dreams
sight remains at its core
for the tender man loves
all that’s happened before

and where sun tips the mountains
because time tips the sea
you’ll find all that was said
but please don’t look for me

i have fallen to notions
with a head stirred like soup
yet there’s one thing i’ve known
since the spark of my youth

and that’s how i forgive him
and then let memories go
for it was what it was
and i am what i know

there’s a start, there’s a finish
there’s a middle — but then
i have never flown straighter
than to circle again

and this quail made some noise
yes their talk filled the day
but what happened to solace
i….i really can’t say

ran hands through my hair
yawned and looked at the sky
oh! the blue…it was blue!
yet words never asked why



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