wasn’t me

it wasn’t me
i gave him everything that i had
yet we couldn’t make up for the next round
and the silence that drove angels mad

on the thunder
and every nightcap
i prayed for a promised release
but no answer came for my worship
and no settlement saved my belief

….it wasn’t me
i gave it all–i was the best
but at some point all wasn’t good enough
and his hate never gave it a rest

between tides and a moon of the darkness
where the struggles are deeper than deep
he never once came to my rescue
never once dreamed my troubles to sleep

it wasn’t me
i’m the one that no man will forget
within nights engraved solely with passion
and in days where the sun never sets

everything is a journey
i’ve known every place that i’ve been
but that marriage was doomed from the start
wasn’t me….
all that time, it was him



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