Minor major rev

A culture on which to cling
For every known might

We don’t have that
We are lost to the call of our own history
And there is no forgiveness for the unrestrained

But listen to me;
Every man is cruel
We know this, but not every man has imagination
To conceive the cruelty of others

Some wait for proof in deeds
With no forgetting, lest they
Find themselves wanting

Power only rises to power again
But this I promise:  we are a different people than those before
Their time was a cruel time

More than peace
More than any just rewards
We only wish to know,
“Will you be alright?”

Your pain is our pain
Cruel is the mind that does not forget

Do not take the new as weaker still,
In this we are like what went before:

It is not that no mercy lives
But that we judged ourselves first
And left only one thing for you to never see

It is not strength
It is not purpose
It is the element where heart never dies
Above all else, we must have compassion

So that is why you are here
An odd fit but a fit just the same
It is not the joining with sinners
It is not approving linguistic imperialism…

It is heart, and only heart
Not for that which is yet yearned,
But for that which is kept

In you we see an innocence, but no mistake;
The babe is silent when the babe has seen too much
All has been marked and noted
Bound by our own tales
We remember the sun shines
And brings up food for all people

Yet we are not a people,
We are the distillation of worry and aggravations
We are the sound of the wind
For every storm has its mate….

We ask that you do not trust in numbers of our land
Trust only in your own need for survival
The sound is the sound of flowers growing
The deeds are too many
Too long-fed

Don’t forget our strength
Don’t ever forget that only the soldier
Is judge, jury, and executioner

Obligation is made to be shouldered
Only the fool promises too much

We were never fool
We ask that you do not trust in the people, the idiosyncrasy of our land
The guard is older still
Trust only in your own need for survival
Trust only that
And we shall do the same while calling you

friend, for now
For the now




6 Replies to “Minor major rev”

  1. This Blog of yours again shows what a deep thinker and analyzer by your nature you’ve put to pen your well thought out thoughts. Uncle Sheridan

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