awake and worried

so upstairs neighbor taking long evening shower few nights in a row and water damage in bathroom really bad now.  i will bring it up with the management again…talked to them about it first week i was here.  never did anything to fix and now is in the ‘not good’ category.  baseboard loose and i looked behind it to find a mess of mold and rotting wood.

ceiling soaked through and water dripping from the paint coming off the ceiling…..

kind of bad when it becomes hazardous to use the bathroom.  they have known about the leak for a long time, i talked with the previous tenant and she mentioned the leak in the bathroom.

so wish me luck….i really hate having to complain, but think i will hate it more when the upstairs tub comes crashing through the ceiling….

am just writing here because i am awake and worried.  it sort of makes me angry and just plain frustrated.  you never know if there is a pipe leak or just a bad tenant above that floods their bathroom ….but basically for the water to soak through to where it’s dripping right out of the soaked ceiling…..that is very bad situation.  and i don’t want to move again, have had it with moving.  yet this is not a healthy thing and i sure hope they’ll fix it.



Feedback always welcome

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