war what is it good for

it has been brought to my attention that some people think we are going to get into a war with russia. most don’t remember that even when we were “at war,” we weren’t really in war.

the trade agreements have been on the table to hash out for years now. entire ukraine thing seems to be more or less a good excuse … to some extent a way to save face in having the trade agreements fall through. i watched a panel couple years ago and the russian representative was standoffish and stated that if the US couldn’t come to terms, russia would just increase their trade with europe.

it’s about money …it’s always about money.

war is our own bread and butter way of existence, there really has not been any time in US history that we weren’t at war. but in that same sense, in picking and choosing battles are very selective and have one consistent policy — “make sure you win.” we could not win a war with russia. and conversely, they couldn’t win a war with us…it would just be an everybody loses scenario.

i personally don’t feel like living under the threat of war like i did all the time growing up. it is not a good way to be …since the future looks like it will dissolve in a mushroom cloud you pretty much don’t bother with solid lifetime plans.

the united states, like most of the world…is divided. the middle class shrinking and the income disparities growing even faster than the stock market. our big boys — when they fight they fight like ravenous dogs. trample everything in their path and this dithering of trade agreements is yet another example of the fallout. nothing is done and you can be sure–without meticulous planning.

if this were a chessboard … well, avoiding a set-up only works if you predict the moves correctly. never underestimate how thoroughly you are hated. and it’s not a passive look down the nose at you hate… it’s the let’s try these thumb screws and see how loud we can make you scream kind of hate. the fact that we can have citizens so loosely bound to each other and still be powerful–that ticks off the former soviets more than anything.

but all that doesn’t really matter. what matters is that we still have starwars and we still have the big boy planning machine. so sit tight…..my prediction is that within 2 years they will come to a trade agreement “against such terrible odds” and pat themselves all on the back while lighting up cuban cigars and toasting world peace with oodles of russian vodka.



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