what you eat

ok so watching jon stewart
and he highlights how the pundits are
saying people should not have food stamps
or that people buy the wrong things
with food stamps and it dawns on me

that those pundits are jealous
not that they wish to be hungry
to know what it’s like to not have food
because there is a canyon on that side
of reality bigger than 10 grands ….

but there is a jealousy
it comes in the package with
those who believe they work too hard
or that they deserve everything earned
there is no concept of the actual relevance
in hatred of themselves, they measure sweat
as in worry and then times it by
tantrums within the misunderstanding of innocence

jealous of the person getting food stamps
they only eat regret
these haters of social programs
and then they hate that they are jealous
so the answer is easy! take foodstamps away
from hungry people. and you see there is
no concept of the math – the amounts.
only a deep squirming jealously ……..

hatred because they want what the other has
so what does the person on food stamps HAVE?
deeper yet, what does any recipient of charity HAVE?
(perhaps there is a craving for humility?)
they hate that recipients are allowed to choose what food they want
they hate the possibility that someone buys ding dongs and soda pop
or that food is traded for something else needed
when 90% simply keep their children from going to bed hungry

but what does the recipient of charity have that the hater wants?
that’s what have to look at
and comes down to a belief
the childish notion that fairness = everyone gets what they deserve
childish because i learned the reality and adjusted my perceptions
at age 7
and it did not involve a jealousy so much as
a light bulb going on and saying ok that’s the way it IS …

but somehow discontent all dissolves into complaint
ideologies that decide people getting food for ‘nothing’ is not fair;
for one thing most have never met and talked with individuals that are ON foodstamps
and then comes down to the hater themselves who do not HAVE what they want
even though they don’t want for food
what they want to afford is the better car
the huge house the servants
and the imagined life of lying on a beach
what they want and yearn for is the dream of indolence

the thing that does not exist because happiness is in
being productive
but consumerism and society tells them they have a WANT
for greater “things”
i keep circling around the idea of a child that throws a tantrum
when a sibling gets better treatment or better gifts
from daddy
back to what is “earned” verses what is “given”
whereas in Christianity we have the concept that it doesn’t even apply
because EVERYTHING is “given”
and gratitude leaves very little room for jealously
don’t get me wrong
not that i haven’t known plenty of professed Christians
that believe every drop of every is “earned”

even when i ‘earn’ money i feel the money is ‘given’
the paycheck is only the icing on the cake
the real thing gained is something to do something to be
some way to express industry and purpose

it is the child
who sees and wants it all
the child
who craves special consideration
the child
who misses bigger pictures
the child who centers
sees only their own reflection in the skin of others
the child who
does not acknowledge individual
sovereignty as the complex thing it is …
the child that despises charity
because the child is always wanting
never satisfied
always looking for steps
ladders in the barrel of monkeys
the child that craves …

the child who makes no distinction
between a want and a need

it is the baby who would take food out of the mouths of babies
it is the inhuman guide of pride over principal
that would hope only to better themselves

instead of seeing the truth; that if your brother of
humanity is in need and has no food
then you are also in need
YOU are there
within every skin and part of that whole
no man is an island

rights and principal
but to go together – to go forward as a whole
you don’t leave someone behind
you don’t decide a few who cheat the system means
no one should get anything

who believes their daddy
when he says you are bad
so i’m taking away everyone’s supper …

no one is bad.
we have actions
and we have self

is it better to work for the greater good? to strive
for collective well being? oh yes – there is power in numbers
because joy

foundations of happiness circle every being,
move around us all … in every smile
what soup are you in?

sustenance is a singular RIGHT of existence
those who think differently have never needed food



2 Replies to “what you eat”

  1. Because people have to accept charity, does not mean they do not want it work, or even don’t have a job… In the U.K. At least people who are employed and on very low incomes are dependant on food banks for children, simply because the amount received as pay is insufficient to meet the needs if housing, and heating.. fair wages, fair rents, fair prices would go a long way to balancing the equations in most countries and societies. Fairness however does not seem to be part of human nature. 💐

    1. seems to be so, the gap …. the income inequalities just get larger and larger. there is concern over those who do not look for work, but with unemployment rates what they are along with demands for precise education or experience…. opportunity becomes just another pawn for those manipulating environments to benefit only the few at the top….

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