delivered promises

person place or thing
a lot of stuff makes us feel bad or good
it’s what you pass along that’s important
but that’s too simple … sometimes what makes you feel bad can be important realities
sometimes what makes you laugh can be hurtful
mostly i hope i never need a simplification
beautiful chaos in all its depth ….is choice direction?
or is direction a reason to eliminate choice
sometimes i stay awake at night
no thought of empty conformities
no … all decided and none of it in words
i stay awake buried in abstraction
looking for forgiveness i don’t entertain
for all who have slighted rights of existence
for all who think it funny to create need after stagnant need
graveyards are not mobile
i understand the scorn for those who never argued with death
deny your very questions and so many build
personality and presentation on their questions
it becomes who they are
and an answer is only an ending



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