Champion of poor Choices

The road was his friend
Because the world had lost its charm
What’s next around the bend
Would never cause him much alarm

He takes it all in stride
Each footstep marked by pride
And the one thing momma taught him
Was it’s good to be alive

He found her lying there
Inside a ditch where no one cared
Lost to bleed her days
He took her hand and heart to prayer

And threw himself upon that road
That’d been a friend so long
And looked up crying to the sky
Words offered up this song

I know I haven’t done my best, Lord
Caught up in the angel’s voices
Have some mercy now I beg
Upon this Champion of poor Choices

Not for me
It’s not my turn
I never gave a damn
But send your love to comfort her
Her soul is in your hands
He took his hat off
Bowed his head
The world was not the same
And right there then upon that moment
Vowed to end the traveler’s game

He found a place
A reason
What his heart could call a home
And lived there ‘til his life ran out
But never felt alone

We all belong
To the Champion of poor Choices
We all forgive each step
That sorrow breathes

And when each night
Would whisper angel voices
Each heart can turn to what
Each heart believes

Remember tired feet
Are what the Master found anointed
So no better one you’ll meet
Than every Champion of poor Choices

Remember tired feet
Took every sign that ever pointed
On dark roads where shadows meet
You’ll be the Champion of poor Choices

~2008 eebrinker



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