diagnostic difference

1/too stupid to know that you’re stupid
2/so focused on achievement that forget one must be an individual to stand out
3/afraid of not being a part of the most powerful group
4/believing that control over others makes you correct
5/categorizing people according to what they wear or how they wear their skin
6/thinking predictability is synonymous with success
7/unable to preoccupy yourself with your own thoughts
8/stopping guilt by donating money to charities
9/changing the oil in your car every three months like you’re told and reading the car manual from cover to cover
10/seeing yourself as the only person in your universe
11/seeing yourself as your job occupation
12/seeing yourself as better off or worse off than others
13/understanding social convention more than the physical properties of your own existence
14/thinking everything can be fixed by pretending it’s not there…. and if that doesn’t work, blame someone else
15/finding other people to call crazy, because gosh darn it you are completely normal and can prove it by doing all the above



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