they will tell you what you should have done
rather than what you could do
the point of power
is replete with a tone of voice
reminiscent of that one teacher
who believed in humiliation

who decided that just listening was the right idea?
saying oh that’s too bad
oh you poor thing
the entire world turned into
closet shrinks
afraid to give ideas
or direction
so instead of being useful they choose
to be nothing

i want ideas
a friend will tell you what you COULD do
an enemy will tell you what you SHOULD have done
in that way that says i always considered you a screw up

but the person that just nods
and believes that makes them supportive?
they are washing their hands
they are saying you mean nothing to them
if i bring you a problem
i want a solution

otherwise i would have stayed quiet
i would have sat with my hands folded
(with or without prayer)
staring at yet another endless wall

you see, the bigger picture takes up space
but i never painted it with sanity


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