i got into a gay rights online argument a week or so back, on a local thread because of the utah run in with the legalities of gay marriage. it somehow got turned into “president obama is not christian.” which i said he’s methodist….and took the opportunity to remind them that most protestant religions still hold that LDS is a cult and not christian.

which is interesting when you have the heavy GOP making their accusations from the mormon red state– that particular argument sounds pretty silly coming out of their mouths. but i turned it back and said i don’t know what ground they think they are standing on, to protect the “sanctity” of marriage. that boat sailed a long time ago…not only from the 50% divorce rate. if two people care for each other and want to be there for each other …then what’s the problem?

so anyway i guess it got back to the great mormon spirit….because now the tv from one neighbor is at record high volumes, on the other side the dog barks all day now, and overhead the neighbor stomps mercilessly like he’s crushing grapes. and i mean all day long and this last week until 4 in the morning….stomp stomp back and forth not resting ever more than two minutes. sometimes heavy thumps like he’s dropping bar bells on the floor.

so merry christmas to me, i guess. would do it again if i had to.

3 Replies to “coinkidink”

    1. well yea, that’s what gets me….am i surrounded by inconsiderate people? i try to be quiet and always considerate myself….but apparently it’s more popular to be selfish. doesn’t mean i need to change ….it IS an onward christian soldiers.

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