like the people
no progression and
every aspect of oppression
if you look at their fields
the earth worn and used
no loam
like what they did to oxnard
before building tract homes
hard pan all that’s left
they first did sugar beets
now strawberries and orange trees
soon california will be growing rice
deserts are wide
oceans sport their salt and
springs grow mountains
everywhere i see the nature of greed
bent to the will of fractured dogma
there is no pattern
only all lost
driven to the bottom
of an endless pyramid
the moves are not even subtle
when the poor are already beaten
prospect of leadership needs no
using others is not new
in conceptual declaration
i only see the faces of a crowd


by negligent patterns in absent steps coupled with
obscure promises

i look at the deadpan
ready for its sea
the sow and reap
done for endless time
and so i excuse the minds

you cannot blame what is not fed
dust on flatter and flatter feet
earth that forgives its rich
but time that will forgive NOTHING

don’t ask me to decide wisdom is letting go
used and abused the ground is evident
i only suffer pity
for depletion of mind
where discernment is nothing but dregs
in the bottom of a wealthy man’s cask

i taste my structured pity
like the bitterness of every medicine ever made
utter sorrow blooms and blooms
for those who only wish to be a butterfly
chained to the air

i drown in endless pity
no way to change the path
that keeps man suckling on despair

i hedge in guilt
for arriving too late
and stomaching too little…life is not fair?
oh but it’s filled with sad excuse
excuses and remorse

i know the tune, words are failed memory
every silent note was written in the wind
little girl climbing that first hill
dry grass and dirt
even then, i knew what was there and what was not
could see much farther
than the living room with its big tv
the peas that had to be eaten before dessert
the figs that were only sweet
if the skin was cracked

i know how to bluff
but then, i knew even then
it’s not the gauge
not depths of eyes too tired of lies
it’s height of the next understanding
only fear curiosity if you are a cat
but you are not a cat

no…. these i know and dismiss;
give me one more chance
and i will show you a fool in the mirror…

this land is your land
not mine — i lived long ago;
where better is not less
man knows how to pick a flower

and bleed


2 Replies to “strung”

  1. So much of what we all (as a people…as a species?) once had has been lost to the sands of time. The richness of the planet, the old ways which were better ways, the less is more mentality that put family and happiness above material “things”. Those old ways and lost earthen riches still live in the memories of those who lived them, or chronicled in books to preserve the memories for posterity, but the sad and real truth is…we can’t ever go back again. Too much has changed, including us, as people.

    1. too true….world has changed and we changed with it. i think the defining term for our time is greed. never has there been so much greed — everyone scratching for their piece of pie. or it’s what some are willing to do……for what? everyone knows you can’t take it with you….but what we leave behind is a polluted earth and less wisdom as the years progress.

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