oh i wish i were a mote
the other specs around me gloat
to glide through slime
with greatest ease
oh what a happy mote i’d be!

eat or be eaten
a world with no choice
and i wouldn’t really even
miss having a voice
just to live and to grow
if you die, then that’s it
up again then you run
with the flick of a wrist

and the mote doesn’t need
to be happy or sad
doesn’t look for another
doesn’t lose what he had
just floats on the sea
whatever drift comes to play …
oh how happy the mote!
how to spend the bright days

i never not once found any glory in pain…
oh if i were a mote!
to be headless again

i’d run here and there
i’d dodge to and fro
and i’d always go happy
where other motes go

to the ends of the earth
to the ends of all time …
just a spec i would be
but the world would be mine



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