Apple drawn

There is a shadow on the ceiling
The blue scarf hangs silent
Fire orange tendrils moving in the same dance
The feet are down there,  resting on a pillow
Completely still,  chest rises and falls
Fishtank bubbles and the TV purrs

I am not upset at losing
A friend who was no friend
Though cause and effect
Has always kicked me father down the road
And I don’t cry over anything these days
Except losing the cat
For her I wept my failure

Dru was a creature that sat like a troll
Belly out
Hair up
Doesn’t listen to courtesy
Not recognizing pain in others
The smile is disenchanted
And there is only hope when
Humor reaches for its redemption
Eternally spun
Right the bitch of wrong
He hung his hat
Where no one could see the aging pulse
And forgotten trains
Whistling outside dirty glass

It will not end
Trees will grow greener
And sky will fall in chunks
Costly amber
Names fade
The sun will rise
But it doesn’t set on spite
In warmth from fire
Results will find me warmer,  still
Play of Shadows talk
Or so they meant to be

He did not know our Hill
The scream from sea to sea
Bound by nature
Hardened will….
And I am better for the grip of loving time



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