waking from a thorough sleep
after being thoroughly sick
my hair is awful
won’t do anything just lies there
straight and reduced
the coffee is heated from yesterday
because i just can’t keep drinking
coffee while sick anymore
used to have a stomach that
could handle it even
all congested but
gutters plugged
and water drips and pools
in a lake next to the foundation
right outside my bedroom window

keep telling myself in spring
in spring i will ask the management
why they don’t clean the gutters?

but the question really is why haven’t they?
is the world populated by blind people

everyone in a stupor
not there
not really … it used to be
you bet!
folks said hi to each other
traded recipes and gossip
found ways to pass the time

this ….. i don’t know what
this is.
don’t mind me i complain
because then get to pretend
what is said has meaning

tomorrow we might have sun
and i get to go to the store.
it will be better with
groceries and a sense of
today maybe i’ll sleep some more
curl up in a ball
i was sick, you know
for a moment there thought
that my shriveled hands looked
like death



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