god hates me

i must be in an argumentative mood … which you go ok, time to bow out and then ‘stupid’ comes out of another mouth and you jump back in. one thing about discourse online is that you do not have to worry about escalated voices or flailing arms. but whenever i go through this, the thing that gets me is the deep lacks of education and then the little that is known is grasped tightly with this gigantic need for facts to be facts. and unless you engage in the same phrases and repeated tripe, normal and thought-through English does not even register. when nations are divided by speaking the same language, and English has worked to be somewhat universal and “conquer” the world — it is a sad reality that communication itself is limited according to use. i picture dolls moving robotically, bouncing into each other and spouting the same thing that comes out of their mouths time and again. and am hoping for myself that am not looking for a point of superiority — but is it too much to ask that words and view are seen as they are written? not squeezed into some perceptual juncture that creates a “yes” or “no” in the person’s brain? most of the friends i have here and in the writing circles, are listeners as well as originators of original thought and perception. when i go outside of those circles, it becomes a shock of what little is understood or gets through. and in the end that makes for a very depressing day …. for the sake of what? arguing gay marriage and the individual right of a person to see another as man or wife. and then the funny thing about THAT, is that i’m not sure that marriage in and of itself is that great an idea.


5 Replies to “god hates me”

  1. We cannot hold the wind. Can’t stop the the rise and the fall of the sun. I believe you can’t control need or desire. I don’t have the right to tell someone how to live. Each of us need more or less. Maybe if we live leading with kindness and love. We can find happiness. No wrong or right answers. Thank you for your thoughts. Made me think this afternoon.

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