back to forth

ok so studies of alcohol in youth causing brain damage.  two wrongs don’t make a right.  never did, never will.   but let us look at the history…… how long have populations made worse use of alcohol?   holy christ, christ was drinking wine.   don’t recall any mention of smoking pot.  only in the last century has there been real steps to prevent alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
so you learn as go along…. but for awhile there we sure had a lot of births that were less than happy because of alcohol.  the whole pot thing can be done.  should it be done?  with giant income disparities already raging world wide, then the answer is for the poor to spend what little they have on pot?

keep them stoned and on that level…. wealthy get their occasional high with no problems attached…. and all are happy until of course the fallout for the larger general use of any substance that no one can predict until it is upon them.   utah and Colorado were already the experimental states for things like tap to pay….. already monitored.  i don’t think that’s a coincidence. 

and think i should mention that caravans of voters were organized and moved into colorado…. had them on my friend list for awhile and watched.  just pawns being used, though.  

like i said, it’s not rocket science…. just very very sad.


3 Replies to “back to forth”

  1. The thing you don’t seem to understand is that millions already use this plant responsibly.. Millions voted so that they would no longer be classified as criminals because they do. I don’t tell you what plants you can ingest to make you happy so what gives you that right to tell me. It is my right to decide that and no one elses, including the government. Outlawing it didn’t stop millions from smoking it; legalizing isn’t going to make all the poor do it. If you want to complain about something, complain about the high (pardon the not so funny pun) tax the government has put on it. It’s a dead horse, quit raking up the road apples and it won’t smell so bad.

    1. as i told my friend…. has to be done on a federal level for every substance and the “freedom of ingestion ” the piecemeal idea that allowing one is a path to freedom is just false belief that will be manipulated to a tighter noose.

    2. and i am simply saying that to play into a move that was given to you is not very bright….. time enough to stop that and we know the game….. or at least i know the players and what they won’t stop at…… i know who they are playing and enticing….. and it is a big oh well but the thing is i told the movement that going after the one was not the right course…. they did anyway but he wasn’t the most patient man on earth

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