my head ran with words to say this morning
like the keys
to answers never processed

i got up and made coffee anyway

sat and looked at my cellphone
wondering what ‘alive’ IS
i always go into the settings
and remove the vibrate on touch

is too much like having something
poking it until it responds

but these short and to the point
kept popping in until i said enough!
told the ghosts that this is not
their day and i shut cosmic ears

went on the patio
smoked my cigarette and sipped coffee
said hi to a neighbor walking by
and the day began

plug myself into the electric tool
map course
forever is a long long time

the ghosts leave
i laughed too many times
swearing at my stupidity
smiling on the person i hope to become …

there is no better day
than what the eyes find
circular a waking torment of yourself
onward and upward
is often straight ahead



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