the bigger ram

it’s possible that a large crack down on drug use during the last few decades has created generations that are unaware of the effects of marijuana. this is how I would explain the problematic legalization of pot. too many are unaware of the effects. those of us who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s have a greater understanding of what a pothead is. we know that it is not a matter of simply the time frame when a person is actually smoking the pot. we know the big eyes and the corresponding lack of intelligence. in later years we know how those who were on pot a lot in high school are just no longer around. they didn’t grow up and go on to normal lives…. they disappeared.

I’m not sure what is in the minds of those who wish to legalize pot. but I’m pretty sure they are very unconcerned about the youth.  most proponents to legalize pot are those who’ve been smoking marijuana anyway, and hope for the prices to go down.  and don’t lose sight of those who are part of the industry to supply it.

I’ve only seen one news article addressing the effects of pot and marijuana on young and developing brains.  but the scientific information is there, that use of marijuana creates permanent lower IQ for the youth that use it.

therefore efforts to legalize marijuana is an overt attempt by an older generation to sabotage newer generations to come. it is not rocket science…. simply very very sad.      


8 Replies to “the bigger ram”

  1. You haven’t done your homework very well on this one at all. The large crack down has created a criminal class that has lead to the US being the country with the highest (excuse the pun) incarceration rate in the country. Crap . . . . I don’t have time to go into everything that is wrong with your above statements but most of it is. Please do your home work before writing such tripe. But then who am I to say, just another big eyed (WTF?) corresponding lack of intelligence. What is sad is so many people like yourself (apparently, but not in the majority thank goodness, at least in some states) are still stuck with understandings created by Nixzon and the ilk back in the 1950’s and refuse to examine the facts.

    1. sorry…. but these are facts. i did see the pot heads in high school and i did see an article with a study that even listed the iq points lost.

      as far as jail, that is more a human rights issue regarding race inequalities. the need for many to go into the business of drug trade for survival. now if you take that away, what are they going to find and do for a replacement income?
      this is not tripe. i am correct and that’s why you hate it.

      1. also, though tax revenue will go up for the state, no parent in their right mind will send their child to a university in any state with legalization. those in the state will even work to send them out of state. the fallout will be even greater than being list by playboy as the number one party school. and…. let’s see, most of those sitting in jail are young african americans….. not aging white males. i studied law and politics at the university of utah…. did debates on the issue for an economic class in california. i have smoked and don’t come from a pristine background. i know the effects. i know the genetic types predisposed to scraping their pipes for resin every morning. two wrongs don’t make a right.

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