look. comes down to competition.
the man investing in distribution
convinces others to squirrel money
in the bank
where the return is less
then convinces investments in stock
where the return is less or nothing
the average worker lives hand to mouth
because a purchased THING only
reduces according to use or wear
and then religion pushes harder telling
that the end is near anyway so go
ahead and borrow

tiers of monkey-climb
….i pretend to not see
you think me unknowing
ignoring rules
of traded mammon
exact placement
of willing stature;

no! i considered every match
every nut
the long cold look of wealth
and nothing
not one can beat the security
of a home….

made. not with coins or promises,
but willingness
to shelter tradition

she would give you a hard cold stare
where everything was sure
and right
don’t ask me how magic formed the strength
(the solid part of living smoothed by faith)
money is a fools toy…

we exist for each other
nothing more
nothing less
competition and the first shall be last
but what He really meant to say
is there is no first

only continuation
for those who nurture peace
worry is the death
of home and compassion

but can only be sure as one moment bridges the next
time enveloping a drift of thought
even the cur remembers hope between bites
of dog eat dog



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