seriously, A grades for food?

i’m trying to understand this, because the whole thing reads like a bad novel. who is coming up with these very bad ideas? so immature and short-sighted that you picture maybe a 13 year-old, yet so full of spite that you see an 80 year-old man with a pinched face who never realized his dreams.

the policies of the stupid. you see, i can imagine people at a cocktail party, joking callously on how all those welfare families should have to produce A student kids in order to receive any benefits. but who in frack’s name would even consider that seriously as a policy for a civilized society?

and of course i’m talking from a state (Utah) that already enacted law that in order to even get foodstamps or Medicaid, citizens would have to submit to drug testing to be eligible. and again, it’s like a bad joke! like someone drunk at a cocktail party, suggested “hey, you know what we should do? we should make all that scum piss in a cup before they get anything from the government!”

boggles the mind ….. and the expenditure issues involved in these tactics are like how a child think their parents should bury all the trash in the backyard instead of paying the garbage pick-up fee. there is no conceptualization of the long-term effects and financial fall-out. really amazing.

meanwhile, the side-effects of such policies become very apparent. crime rates and theft …. where do you think those come from? how many more desperate people do you plan on creating with BAD policy?

get a grip and for god sakes sober up and stop taking your cues from revelations produced at cocktail parties or GOP bitch-fests. whole thing goes beyond stupid and i’m really starting to question reality. i don’t mind people who are practical about money. what i mind is the complete ignorance regarding the fallout.

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8 Replies to “seriously, A grades for food?”

  1. It’s nonsensical what our governments are doing these days with so-called policy decisions. Bordering on reckless, shot-in-the-dark musings about social program policy. Buried in national debt and security, it would seem governments are flailing in a sea of futility. Small wonder the people are embittered.

  2. I think sometimes people just say things for the sake of saying them and perhaps trying to appear amusing – I know I have on occasion. Certainly not in the field of making children starve until they get A grades.

    We just recently had a change of government here in Australia – and had some of the most nonsensical policies emerge.

    Granted the last government had a few too, but ugh!

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