what hurts

it’s really stupid
do you really find it necessary
to ask 3 times if i want to leave a game?
it’s not a word document
it’s a GAME
if you accidentally exited
you just start again
but NO…programmers make you push extra
buttons to leave
are you sure you want to exit?
do you really want to leave?
it’s like every game is suddenly
your grandma on thanksgiving
are you sure you got enough to eat?
do you really have to go?

serves no purpose so what does it serve?
these extra steps just to turn off and leave a game?
makes the user accustomed to reissuing a command

sort of like how you see the parents that ask their
kids over and over to do something
didn’t used to be that way

used to be you spoke and you were obeyed
now kids look at adults dumbfounded
grow up and design stupid smartphone games

do you really want to exit?

god yes….


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