November 28, 2013

wishing all good food, family, and ….peace.



generally we stop for a few minutes on Thanksgiving to decide what we are thankful-for. most of the time, it’s family – friends – and the meal that gets wolfed down while watching various football games. this year i am thankful for many things ….. but i think the biggest thing is that life is somewhat peaceful these days. i know that changes, and sometimes peace seems like a dream or something that truly won’t happen. maybe contentment is something that’s hard to find in our “consumer paradise.” always wanting more, always needing “more.”

my thought is that most all that goes on the back-burners ….. life is about NOW. this time, this space. the closer you are to realizing yourself as happy in the now – a little joy — the more you can give to others. and i think that’s the best way to be thankful …


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