what faith is built
on nothing less
than man’s desire for righteousness?
there is no honor in design
if not embraced with truth, divine.

i have been down a time or two,
and found my paths far and few;
never was i less afraid
than when i waited one more day.

and took all hope,
all love inspired–
walked the disappearing wire:

for every silence ever heard,
for every dream that waxed absurd!
for every drop to worried knees,
for every each and one of these…

to give your all is what you must,
find such strength from dawn ’til dusk.

within whatever shades of stone
a heart is hardy –finds rock homes;

for me?
my faith is nothing less
than worn refrains
with hopes confessed

to each and every day, worlds move
in every little way–
every complex play …
the next improves.

don’t ask me why i settled here,
but time that flies build moments lost to fear;
and when the skies are cold and forever clear
–the heart will beat a harder, naked beat.

the mind will find its distance
and the soul will find its feet
ever and anon,
ever that goes wrong;
full right completes.

paths are paths
and road is not a purpose, this is true,
but as i wait to welcome you,
will find the answers dusty on a shelf
…right where they were.



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