in a new light

hung some old paintings a little differently…. looks really nice in the space.  wish i had thought of doing this with them sooner.  back hurting a bit tonight, sorting through storage items and trying to reduce my pile of unpacked boxes. 

still congested and coughing some, but at least feel better today.  always helps when a storm finally rains, something about the change in the atmosphere.  i sleep better…. like they say:

it’s raining
it’s pouring
the old man is snoring
bumped his head
on the foot of the bed
and couldn’t get up in the morning…

never thought i’d be the ‘old man ‘…. and now am thinking if it’s commentary on 69 ‘s!  lol!  terrible.

i guess part of me has decided to hang some paintings and actually move in to the new place.  still feel like i’m lacking confidence, and worried about getting too settled anywhere now.  but sometimes you roll the dice…. try to see things in a new light.  might not be able to teach a dog new tricks, but we live and learn…. because tricks are for kids!  haha….. maybe i’ve had too much cold medicine  : )



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