too stupid for click clacks

been trying to think, because we used to not be so fragile. i remember playing with click clacks and no one had a problem with them. even my little sister could work them … was not a big deal. but then something happened.

within just 1/2 a generation, about 7 years — there came upon our society this huge protective attitude. instead of cement, rubber mats were placed under outdoor play equipment. do you remember when it was normal for a kid to break at least one bone growing up? i always felt like there was something wrong with me, since i didn’t break a single bone.

so what changed? what happened to “if you hit yourself with that it’s your own darn fault!” how did it become, “children should not be allowed to play with click clacks!” why was the last of the baby-boomer generation allowed to do just about anything they wanted, short of killing themselves. but after that– we have a protective thing going that is laughable?

never wore a helmet riding bikes — and it didn’t matter. the few times i took a spill, knew enough to not go down head-first. lol…. after nearly drowning a time or two, you learned to stay out of the deep end of the pool. cuts and scrapes got plenty of bactine, and stubbed toes were part of growing up. highchairs didn’t have straps, and riding in a car was not like prepping for the Indie 500. parents didn’t belt kids in more, they taught them how to duck and roll.

so what happened? medical insurance, lawsuits … the tango these two played like a giant milking machine on the American public? something like that. i was wondering about the whole dr. spock thing but read one article placing everything from STD’s to high crime rates at the door of that book, and seemed so ridiculous that didn’t even want to go there.

and seems it is not so much “protecting” children as it is dumbing them down. or assuming kids are more breakable, assuming they are stupid enough to hurt themselves with a pair of click clacks. but did the kids themselves become dumber? and we have the question of TV, and what part does that play? is there/was there more of a trance-like effect that left children less aware and more likely to hurt themselves?

eh …. part of the survival of any organism is to maintain a certain level of reactive-state. and what’s with the kids and this high-pitched screaming you hear everywhere? i don’t remember that at all in the past. but everywhere you go now, and it’s not because they are hurt or anything else, is just this giant scream for the sole purpose of seeing how loud they can be. and it’s mostly girls i see doing this. not many boys. that one has me puzzled.

so i guess the main question is, how did the kids of our country become too stupid for click clacks? what sort of turn in the road created these huge differences in such a short time? it’s not like cars hadn’t been around for decades. it’s not like bicycles hadn’t been around for even longer. it’s not like nutrition is that much worse — in many ways it’s much better.

don’t think i’m going to find an answer, short of a conspiracy theory. such as stating that our drinking water is spiked with a drug that makes the populace more compliant, but more likely to hurt themselves. kinda sad when the crazy approach is the most logical explanation. lol ….

the whole over-protection and paranoia is like a one-way shunt that has no way out. just deeper and deeper into seeing life as this extremely fragile thing. and the ironic thing is that the higher income brackets are going to see more of that, while the lower income is closer to normal childhoods. but the higher income gets the better nutrition, while the lower is hooked on soda pop and ding dongs.

and while we have courts and lawsuits, there is not much of a chance for returning to the good ol’ days. the generations to come are stuck in this guarded childhood that places no responsibility on the child for protecting themselves. i think it panics those of us who were not raised that way, because we see it as getting entire populations of ninnies. wimps. people afraid of their own shadow. brave isn’t valued anymore. it’s seen as a problematic social trait.

i’m not sure what that does in the long run. because now we have thrill seekers and bucket lists. adults trying to re-capture a childhood. when maybe all they needed was a pair of click-clacks? that and a good book to read when the day is through.

(picture lifted from the web)


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