mister can you spare a dime?
to spare a penny in a pig,
the storage of the nuts
in time–
away … away!
they find us keyed
for every lock that
spares the seed.

and when the day is done,
hard work then gathered
sun to sun,
a treasure might still find you home.
waiting for a life, begun,
let anger throw the pig a bone;

break the pork upon your knee,
all for coins to set them free.
then scattered on the winds of trade,
worried futures spin their days.

i’ll mark the smiles waiting there;
a child’s surprise–
grandmother’s stare.
for hers was whole upon her death,
and mine?
mine left me emptied, pained
in solid state as loss was gained,

for banks can only mock the grind …
hey mister, do you have a dime?



6 Replies to “coined”

  1. I agree, this is a good one, E! Like the rhymes, but especially the message! 🙂 Funny things, piggy banks. They come is such an array these days. I remember the kind that didn’t have a plug in the bottom, so that it forced you to save more because you didn’t want to break the piggy bank into pieces and not have it anymore. So you waited until it was super full or until you really, really needed the money. I think that was, in many ways, a better time…not such a disposable, consumerist community back then.

    1. is somehow defeating the purpose of a piggy bank when they started making them with the rubber plug…. my grandmother’s was the real thing. far as i know she never put anything in it, though….. lol.

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