living past

i remember hating the feel of the slime
cutting the top wrong so it would fall through
the smell of newspaper soaked with pumpkin juice
accidentally cutting the teeth and having to fit them back in with toothpicks
hating the face because it never came out how you want it to
never enough room
markers not marking on wet skin
candles always getting blown out by the wind
sad faces growing hairy patches of mold after the holiday is over
candy wrappers scattered
plastic masks suffocating
construction paper witches and bowls of candy corn
dreams left on a front porch
a child’s voice
pleading “trick or treat”



6 Replies to “living past”

  1. Lol! I’m guessing these are less than fond memories! We were always so excited as kids to dress up and go out for a pillow case load of goodies. My biggest pet peeve was that nearly every single year it would be miserable cold (back east) and raining cats and dogs, sometimes even snowflakes coming down. But the rain and chill-to-the-bone cold eroded that excitement quickly. We lived out in the country and had to travel quite a distance to get enough loot! Dad would drive us around, he sitting in the car anxious to get home again to read his paper…kind of took the excitement out of it. I love shelling out the treats at the door, seeing the little ones with excitement and big smiles. It was the teens that really ticked me off. They’d come back a second, sometimes third time and I’d finally clue in and I’d confront them and get some snotty remark back about the quantity of what I handed out. And carving the pumpkin..yes, always a challenge. Well when you only do it once a year how much better can it get?!! I knew some that made masterpieces from stencils…why??? Half the fun was our own creativity! To this day I can’t stomach pumpkin pie!

    1. pumpkin pie is the one redemption….lol….. you haven’t had my homemade pie πŸ™‚

      the teens with their pillow cases and running in gangs, always scared me. did love the halloween parties as i got older….

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