language fits to the people
not the people to the language
3 forms:
and to self

often we talk to others
but are really speaking to ourselves
i suppose that third type could be called dissection
the process of measurement

but it is the ratio of these three
that define a language
and the language maps the whole of the people

for us
english has a high ratio of dissection
in that to communicate with someone of a different language

….. they might speak english words but do not understand the whole of a message
because they are processing the words under a command or cajole understanding

those accustomed to cajole a little
more patient with the finesse of dissection
though higher ratios of cajole indicate a people that thrive on deception

more than birth
more than policy…
language and local communication determines the set mood of the individual

there is a reason it was determined to not teach a second language until teen years

the ratio…. if disrupted, then disrupts the communication channels from parent to child.

but if that channel is strong, individual confidence grows
to the extent of a free acting member,
with benevolent
the key

many times we think those who are closed
simply keep their dissection silent
but when language mode… when known terms exist in mostly command and cajole….. self talk will exist in a command structure

the basis of negotiation
requires dissection….
some manage all policy through cajole

so i see these as the problematic nature
of varied languages

passed from parent to child more surely
than any genetic



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