i forget what an auditory creature i am. this last week got a new Bluetooth headset to pair up with my android phone. until now have been just using the $5 earbuds for music and video. the difference in volume alone makes me wish i had gotten the headset sooner.

get up in the morning and put on the headset, dancing my way into the kitchen to start the coffee brewing. i know that paints a pretty crazy picture. but it’s a kind of joy — to hear the notes the way they were meant to be expressed, each slightest timbre and fluctuation. it makes me happy. there are so many things in life like that …. blessings. if you listen.

i know things are difficult. so many worries and what seems like so little time to even plan before the next thing hits you upside the head. but what i was talking in the last poem, “over” …. to dance. to not just move around obstacles, but to go over them. to turn and spin, and find balance within chaos. can dwell on the bad, find the point(s) where a path went wrong. but in the end, each future step is uncharted territory.

can only be who and what you are, in the best or better state that capability delivers. seems to be so much turmoil in the world these days. so much to worry over, in large scales. and with the bigger picture. i once stated that to see the bigger picture, you have to build a bigger wall on which to hang it. in the end though, have to go over those walls. find a part or particle that is no longer afraid.

maybe if a lifetime isn’t vigilant, the past will repeat itself. but if let those tendrils of the past bind to a standstill, then time will destroy the possibilities of better on this road called life. because you might be surprised.

might get a headset and find yourself dancing into the kitchen. might recall there is more to a tune. don’t forget to turn and see the view from where you’ve been … but spin back and believe in those leaps that take one to future happiness. what is new is the unknown. but your dance is you. joy, and the prospect of a memory being more than pain.

have a wonderful week…………. thank you for reading and being a part of what i consider hope. just to say, look — take care of yourself, and find the next step ….it’s the only thing that ever saved me. is the only thing i can say for those fighting their own sorrows. just wait, and listen … and dance.




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