a knock at the door

just got my new keyboard. will take a little getting used-to. is the kind that has the split in the middle so the keys aren’t exactly where you expect them to be at first. and has the web-navigation buttons which i mostly have not used in the past. generally stick to the mouse for that. the zoom button will probably be the most handy –not getting any younger and helps to see. 🙂


2 Replies to “a knock at the door”

    1. for now it seems only thing is i’m used to reaching father for the ‘b’ key. i touch type so don’t even look at the keys. in fact most of them are worn off on my old board and i don’t even notice until someone else goes to use it. i like the hand rest on this keyboard. had to go to the microsoft website to find the software and drivers to download…… which is unusual, normally they include a disk or at the very least would get an install notification from windows. so none of the special buttons worked until i got the mouse and keyboard center installed. that was the only hangup, but the center recognized both devices fine, and then you can program the buttons for whatever. like i use copy and paste a lot more than forward and back button.

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